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Re: Learning Fiber Splicing
I have done FOA training for a few smaller companies, have over 10 years fiber splicing experience in just about every situation you can come across with generally every type of fiber implemented for the last 30 years. Teaching the basics is something you can learn in a weekend, if you pick things up at a decent pace. The rest is OTJ experience you will gain as you go, but nothing you can figure yourself through as you go, if you know the basics. 
I got into splicing with a guy doing node swaps, he taught me in 2 hours how to prep a can, prep the cable, clean everything proper and how to run a splicer. This was around the 5oclock hour, I started working that night at midnight. He dropped me off st the first location and said call if you have any questions. I did 4 locations that night within the maintenance window and never looked back. 
Point being, do the school. It's over priced but you'll learn enough to maybe get your foot in the door somewhere. 
My other suggestion would be to find someone local that could take a few days to teach you, as they'll be able to tell you this/that about real world situations you won't be taught in the classroom. Paying them would be worth its weight in gold versus paying a classroom instructor 
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