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Re: Cable the same as back in the 60's
Gonna chime in...for the younger generation...well, maybe I aint so young...but listening to you guys talk...

Agree with everything you say...

...but if we're talking 'bout the good ole days...and hard work...Got to shout out to the fathers of your my grandfather - 3rd generation cable tv here...yeah, I said cable tv...I think it needs to be said just to keep it alive...Anway, my Grandpa was the scariest man I ever knew...5'7 of holy terror!!  To look in the man's have the slightest inclination of what he saw...17 when he entered WWII - then Korea and was an "Advisor" in French Indo China in the 60s...30 years in...then began working in cable tv with Dad...the man never - ever backed down. What an incredible human! Don't make them like that anymore. He wore suits. Could danced the waltz - but with just one look, would throw down like a junkyard dog! He grawled at me a couplle of times just to show me what teeth are...How do you explain the importance of these men to this newer generation?? How do you even explain such men to this generation?? 

Hats off...Respect to all. We stand on your shoulders.

...remember when I started in the industry when I was 17...just out of school. Thought I'd be in a few months...didn't know what I was getting into...I think back now...Everything I ever obtained in this life came from this industry...Left many times...hated it...complained about the criminal element...and there's a lot...but I always came back...worked in 4 countries and 16 states. Hell of a ride! ...walked into a contractor holding a shotgun on my boss in Fort Worth - btw - he deserved it. ...had my equipment stolen out of my trucks in Dickinson, Tx...Been through shootouts in Caracas over payroll, yes I said shootouts - plural...went down the Amazon River to find a job in Sao Paulo, Brazil...worked on a Caribbean Island. Man, did those guys know how to party! ...Swept after Katrina in Louisiana...Noise in northern Alabama! OMG! What a beautiful state! Retro spliced in Boulder, Colo. where all the old TCI execs lived...this was right after AT&T bought them out, but they still had some sway...had to get their lines up by 2:00 PM. If it wasn't rear easment we'd have done it at night. In Amarillo, contractor disputes saw me sitting in a 16' travel trail with 10 guns stacked around me...LOL!! Got thrown in jail over another contractor battle...LOL!!! Met a lot of great guys...and not so great...Honoestly...wouldn't change a thing...Hell of a ride...
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