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Re: Learning Fiber Splicing
Years ago they had a fiber splicing school in NC..I've sent people there..However, just like every one is saying.. OJT if you really want to stay in the trade.  Learning is only 1/2 of becoming a Fiber Splicer...The equipment is very expensive, so before you invest funds, be sure this is what you want.  Most splicers don't want to train you as on the next project, your be their competitor.  There are different types of fiber splicers, terminations, end to end, rotary, fusion, field, building, line.  All a school will teach you is how to cut and prep-push a button.. read a meter. You really need field training.  Ask you local MSO if you do go to school, paid with your own funds, would they hire you to maintain their fiber network, even if you start as a trainee.
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