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Re: Cable the same as back in the 60's
All true, I broke in summer of 1980. Was home from college and was training for football.  My mom owned a two keg beer joint and said some real nice yankees had been stopping by and they were looking for someone big and strong to pull on a rope for them.  I met them on the job site and started right then.  First run was a 1" supertrunk pull for seven miles through and easement.  All pulled by hand and lashed with double wrap on old C lasher.  I thought I was set making $7 and hour then after that run was done they told me they would pay me 15% and we were off to Houston for Storer and Warner Amex started climbing and money bumped up and never went back to school.  I was 19 and making what I could have when I had my some 37 years later I am still at it and love the old line stories.guys now do not know the six pack or case penalties for wraps or lasher runouts or boxed poles.  I went from 220lbs down to 195 and was climbing 30 out and 30 back a day on easement lash crew in Pasedena Texas and when we got done at the end of the day straight to the bar and never took the hooks off until bedtime.....remember one guy named Mike Gooch, hell of a splicer, smoker and beer drinker and best pool shark I ever saw....always with the two big ass rotweilers.  The Hudkins brothers taught me how to climb and fight and drink and all other forms of contrarynous that hippies from virginia know.  Great times....
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