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Re: storm damage to
Exactly, this is the 1st time I've ever heard about contractors whining about OT???
We weren't doing storm damage, just a basic upgrade on some tiny tiny little town in the middle of no where Wisconsin and they didn't want to pay production for some reason???
The hourly rate was decent, the truck & bucket rate was actually very good.
Nobody ripped anyone off. I took the contract, took a small % and hired subs.
I always paid more than other contrctors. I left a fortune on the table :(
They knew what they were getting, and I never heard the words OT ever spoke.
The only difference was nobody built their parts at night, everyone did it in the morning after logging in.
I know I only started in '88, but nobody I know ever works 8 hours and just leaves.
We do prints, inventory, peds, build parts, drive outs etc etc after the active work is done.
So I guess Comcast, TW, Media One, Charter, WOW, RCN, etc etc etc owes me zillion of dollars

Nice engine Skid!!!!
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