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Re: weight station help
I'm a truck driver after doing fiber for verizon. Any commercial vehicle needs to go through the scales. Depending on the gross weight of your truck you my need a commercial license, along with that goes having to follow the DOT and FMCSA rules of driving. A couple of big ones are, you will need to log your time driving, any stops you make for fuel, food or what ever. You can only drive for 11 hours a day in a 14 hour period. Any truck stop has drivers logbooks for 2 to 4 dollars. They have instructions that NEED to be followed to the T. If you stop at a scale anyone inside will be willing to help you get it straight. on top of all that you must take a 10 hour break after driving the 11hours or 14 hours on duty.

Thee free pass thing you heard about is not free. You sign up for what called a prepass and pay a monthly fee for its use. sorry for that bit of bad news, but it is controlled by the government and they want their money, as we all know.
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