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9/18/2017 9:35:36 PM
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Re: how are storm prices
I'm splicing coax down here right now. But my price doesn't drop to 21 until after 73 burns. So who is dropping the price dear sir ?
I would splice those for 25 though if I trusted the prime and there were enough of them or they gave a standby rate when nothing was going on. That is not a option for me at this time as these guys splice their fiber in house.
I was only asking a question. I thought if you were close by I would like to meet some the men behind the stories. Not trying be little anyone or anything that manner, as you seem to be.
A lot of people want to rush to have a negative opinion before they know facts, and there is always someone ready to jump on the bandwagon .  As we say in S.C." Bless your heart" 

But one must do what they need to take care their family and for that I make no apologies. 
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