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Re: Don't Rush Into the Hurricane Repair Work
Yes I remember Rigas coming down on his private jet...Our invoicing was into Adelphia for around a Million Bucks...I threatened to pull our crews..he hand carried a check to me, so the old man wasn't that bad. He may have done some shady things, but he did not deserve jail time at his age, I think his son is still behind bars. I dealt with Adelphia's Libertore VP Engr and Ken Proud Construction mgr, both good company men.  You could write a book regarding Hurricane Andrew...on things "NOT" to do when working a national disaster area, it was a learning experience and that is why I never again worked such storm damage projects..None of the MSO's have a plan already in place and worked out on what to do when the wind/rain/water's just a seat of your pants daily guess and takes a good hands on mgr to Get R Donel  Stay Safe.thanks for the info...............................MicroMan
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