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Re: Don't Rush Into the Hurricane Repair Work
Yes. I remember Adelphia back in '92 just after Andrew! At that time I was working with their Regional Office in Virginia and knew quite a bit of what was going on that you did not mention.

Since South Dade was totally destroyed, I remember John Regis actually got down there and gave around $300-$500 cash to each employee while standing on the back of a pick-up truck with tears in his eyes. John Regis unfortunately took the fall for other guilty parties and went to prison. He is 92 now with bladder cancer and I believe that he got early release from prison last year.

Adelphia had "volunteers" from all over the country go to South Dade and work. This was going well until the "volunteers" complained about the "local" employees not working and just "f-ing off" in their trucks. This resulted in the biggest EEOC lawsuit ever that forever changed Adelphia hiring practices throughout all their systems for years until the end of the Adelphia Dynasty.

There was even a "contract" put out on one of the managers (will not mention who) by a few of the local system employees because he (the manager) didn't put up with "slackers" sitting around doing nothing. He had to flee South Florida early because he did not want to be on the receiving side of a bullet.

Another fine Adelphia "Jem" was that somehow non-destroyed areas got a complete rebuild. This mystery actually went beyond way beyond the stateline of Florida as many dollars were redirected with the stroke of the pen.

Remember all those Scientific-Atlanta mainline amplifier stations that were "cold-spliced" in underground areas with no headend signals? It seems that when the headend was eventually activated many moons later, these amplifiers mysteriously were missing from the vaults and peds! Rumor had it that the FBI somehow tracked these amplifiers to the docks in Miami. Another rumor was that they ended up in Cuba and South American locations.

This is the SHORT list!

Adelphia, lest we not forget the endless scandals but learn from them!

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