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Re: Make ready
Depends on what all the customer wants you to do, if just the field work: you go out in the field, survey each pole, pole number, height, year set, class of pole, guy wire, OHG/PG, XF, Grd, who all is contacted, can a new contact be made (such as coax-fiber or Copper) and be in accordance with NESC Specs...then you look mid span and measure for NESC specs. Use to need measuring stick, mostly done computer/sat services.  
Now the customer may want you to move all attachments and make room for the new attachment, in some cases...gotta be union contractor or have state license to do such work.
This is just a quick view of Make Ready..each job is different.  Find out exactly what the want you to do.   Years ago use to do 3 mile a day...not today...they want to much info.
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