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Verizon buying some of WOW-Chicago
I've said it and posted before on the Cabl-Bar that this industry is changing, sell offs, merger's, buy outs.  No Verizon is buying portions of WOW Fiber Network System in the Chicago market.  Yep...$225 Million Bucks in "CASH", plus another $50 Million Bucks when the network system is completed around mid 2018.  The fiber loop ties to 500 macro cell wirless sites and another 500 small cell wireless sites.

WOW..Wide Open West....I did the fiber loop around Columbus Ohio for Ameritech back in mid 90's,  which Ameritech eventually sold to WOW.  Ameritech had 3 hugh spec books to build by, their inspectors new nothing about cable / fiber construction...but it sure as hell had to look like the pictures in the 3 spec books.

Back in 1966 we overlashed a coax system to GTE telephone plant, I spliced the cable and had 2 of GTE techs as students, learning to splice the cable.  They color coded tie wrap each run feeding out of the amplifiers-by power supply, so they could trouble shoot the system, if needed.  Phone companies are good for having the work in print, buy not so good on paying the labor to Get R Done................................MicroMan
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