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Re: Securing a Cable Contract
Let's look at some facts first. 
1 are you working for the prime in that area ? if so did you sign a contract with them
2 why are they wanting you to be a new contractor ?
3 have you talked to any of their contrctors to see is pay is on time ?
4 do you have the proper contractor licenses required by the state you are working in
5 do you have the funds to hold out for the time period set for payments 90 to 120 days ?
6 what is the benefits for you and your family , is it worth the time and stress ?
7 do you have all the support for your crews and any subs to go all in.
8 risk worth the reward ?  it will be a 24 / 7 job when you become a prime contractor.
9 I wish you luck and never let your guard down. you are their best friend until it comes time to get paid for wok completed !!
10 have faith in your abilities and the path you are about to take be careful and GOOD LUCK 
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