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7/9/2017 8:28:56 AM
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Re: Time Warner Cable
I agree Microman Just to many people talking and not enough action. I have seen so many times people would say that is a good idea if yous tart it ill join But one thing i found they are all talk never join. Might also look into fair labor practice act since you said about the MSO. This would be just like a labor union all acrtoss the country..

Also if every one would unsubscribe from Cablevision aka Time Warner aka Spectrum  what ever else they want to be called Then this crap would stop with low balling there prices. I am not going to keeop working for free. As i told them clowns you want a side walk bored well i dont get paid for it and im not going to do it... Im just wanting on telephoen AT&T to open back up
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