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Re: Nano-trenching questions
1)Welcome to My world. I rarely have spliced in a completely clean, nice splice trailer set up. This includes splicing just outside of the vault, on the ground, while I stand in the vault. You work with what you have and a lot of the time on old systems, you can only get so much slack, so tent work is a must.
2)Agreed with above but not always the case. Last few years I have saw more and more of this time of thing happening. They pull the cable, pay me to mid-entry and put a closure on, leaving the fibers in the tray that drop for that location. When and if the drops ever get put in(customer need), the drop bury tech will run the drop and splice the 1 or 2 fibers needed at that location. This is becoming much more common place, mid-spanning and dropping a few fibers, versus pull from vault to vault and splicing all 48, 96, whatever. Simply less cost for the provider.
3)Ties into the end of above, but make your cost reflective.
4)mid-spanning is easy on flat drops, simple razor knife down either side and pull apart, or the Jonard blue tool works too, though im faster with a razor knife.
5)Less than you would think
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