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Nano-trenching questions
        My current employer is doing a test build out of nano-trenching and I had some questions and concerns. This is a much cheaper way to build a network but skimps on many (in my opinion) essential parts.
        This is a fiber system where they are running a 12 count drop fiber to feed 12 homes. No directional boring or access points/vaults of any kind. They are midsheathing the drop fiber to a box where a single splice will take place; 12 times per line. 
        My current concerns with this are many, but I will limit it to a couple here as I am asking for input from the intelligent people in this community. 
1.) Splicing fiber in a much dirtier/muddier environment than I am accustomed to.
2.) Having to be on site to splice as soon as the drops are placed.
3.) Lower production due to single splices per "access point."
4.) Midsheathing flat drop fibers is not something I think will be successful.
5.) Maintenance costs will be super high, not to mention having to wait for locates.
        I will leave it at that. Any additional input, or even if anyone else has seen this applied anywhere else and knows the pitfalls of it, would be greatly appreciated!
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