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Re: Time Warner Cable
If we can get every body to just walk off the job for 14 days and let all of Time Warner
( Spectrums / Cablevissions ) what ever else they want to be called shit lay on the ground then they might consider the price raise. The prices are always rising for there same shit.

If there is some one that comes in and tries to do it cheaper,,.....  well theres a easy way to solve that problem a little perswassion convincing

I cancelled my cable tv got tired of the reruns from the 80s. Nothing but reruns and no im not paying for HBO SHOWTIME CINNOMAX just to watch more reruns.

Lets all walk off all across AMERICA for 14 days and stand UNITED on July 21st 2017 and make a stand enough is enough. We as a majority will win and get there attention fast.

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