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7/6/2017 9:45:45 AM
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Re: Time Warner Cable
Amen , brother I have said that for 20 years now. All sub's have to do is stand together and asked to be treated fairly. Getting all to agree on a set price that we all could make a living is not to much to ask. Standard price drops across the board , while they raise the pricing for their customer every chance they get is their business model.
But as well all know some fly by night contractor will come in and do the work at a lower rate just to get in the door , hoping the prices will go up.
Their seling point is we will give you more work at a lower price so you can make up the difference.  So I have explained to them in the past so you take that same formula and they tell you you now have to 60 hours to get paid the same as you did working 40 hours how would that make you feel. They all agreed that they would not do that it was unfair. But you are asking us to do the same work more for less , great plan for their bottom line is all that it is. Good luck and I hope we all can stand together and set some sort of standard pricing across the board.
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