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Re: 14 years cable contractor, considering ATT inh
Thanks guys.

Funny that they've made no mention so far of installing direct TV.  The ad stated Installing "Voice, wi-fi, and high speed broadband".

  I'm definitely going to see where this goes.  We have a pretty nice deal going with our race track but we make it in big chunks and it can be very weather dependant.  I wouldn't mind having something steady again to back that up.  I haven't hung a drop since November.

  As far as cable contracting here, it's only worth it when the college is moving in.  We basicly serve 3 towns.  When we're busy and getting routed properly we do really well.  When we're slow we might bounce to all 3 towns in one day.  I drew the line when they wanted me to drive an hour 1 way to do a $4 disco...........  I'm paying the gas, getting no hourly, using my truck, and they wanted to send me an hour for a $4 job..   
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