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Re: 14 years cable contractor, considering ATT inh
I left ATT inhouse recently.  I worked for them for two years.  Before that I had contracted for six years.  The paychecks are stable and benefits are good.  I am a bachelor with no kids so I don't need the benefits as much as other people.  However be prepared for a lot less money and some more frustration.  Most people I met that started out with no experience were starting at around 15 dollars an hour.  It does vary slightly in different locations.  But I maxed out at 22.34 an hour and wasn't able to qualify for anything except for an odd cost of living increase every now and then.  This was adequate but far less than I was used to.

One of the reasons I left is because Directv used to pay its employees by how much work the put in.  Then we became hourly and all incentive was lost.  One thing that made me mad was there were new guys out there kicking half of their jobs and then going and sitting in their truck on the clock and getting paid.  One guy I knew (and he still has a job there) did sixteen jobs in a month (including service calls) and was averaging around sixty hours a week.  There is a lot of that going on now and it is making some of the more productive techs upset.  I did not burn any bridges and left on excellent terms though so if I wish I can go back.  Just in case.

I am back to contracting now and I'm not sure how it will go yet.  However it is fairly stable and because I live in an isolated area I have somewhat of a captive market (I also will not train anyone to do what I do).  The drive times kill me and I use my own vehicle but that is a downside I was willing to accept.  I wish I could go back to contracting directly for Directv (hard work but insane money) but that system is not coming back.  It all boils down to a personal choice.
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