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14 years cable contractor, considering ATT inhouse
Just wondering peoples opinions on inhouse install work for AT&T

I've chased the money on and off with Cable for 14 years, last year I found a gig in my home town that was awesome when the College school year started, but unfortunately turned into the worst gig I've ever had after it slowed down.

  I've NEVER worked inhouse anywhere, and seemed to average around $32 an hour as a contractor.  ATT is offering 22'ish an hour, company vehicle, paid hollidays etc.  I've never even considered working inhouse but the older I get the more appealing it's starting to look.   

  I own a motorsports facility that keeps me busy on most weekends, they are advertising 4 10's which also sounds appealing.   I've always chased the money but with the business and a baby now I'm considering this route.   Thoughts on ATT inhouse?
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