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Re: what jdsu meter should i buy
It's been my experience to use dsam 3600 and up. one that will do a DOCSIS 3 test. you don't have to have equipment in headend if you are only verifying eol readings after cable replacement. Do a DOCSIS test on any active you are replacing and match the new equipment readings to that and you will be good to go.  In time you will learn what readings are acceptable and what ones are not.  Most docsis readings are around 38. db. that is normally what it takes to get 0 db at the CMTS in headend. verify this at the node or with your local Maintenance tech. EOLs will vary depending on the tap value and if there are LEQ's in line with reverse conditioners. As long as you are correct at amp you can take 18 db and add the tap value i.e. 11-2port: you should see 29 db on docsis test, unless there is a DC or splitter then add the value of that as well i.e. dc8 down leg to an 11-2 tap would be 18+8+11= 37db would be a good docsis reading on that tap.  This will work on any return system that runs docsis 3 equip. Hope this helps.
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