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Re: Telecom guy vs Drunk Driver
drunk driver ran off the road and hit fiber,the fiber wrapped around me and i went zero to sixty miles and hour ,100 foot I stopped when I slamed into the cable trailer. broke my femer in three places , broke my hip , got both knees and my ankle. tore my thumb almost off at the joint. had a million worker comp , million work zone and million uninsurance moter. the driver stopped then left the seen when he seen my leg wrapped around my neck.Got a lawer because no policy would pay .the lawer could not help. still no pay.went for disabilty and got turned down. after a year still can't walk. Disabilty said I still can get a job doing something. laid in the ditch for 45 minutes before the cops got there to call ambulance, because no address. been selling things to eat and keep lights on. $30,000 dollar buckett truck  for 10,000.00 etc,etc. If you get any money from this crowd let me know
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