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Telecom guy vs Drunk Driver
I knew it was a long shot but nothing could have warned me how angry some of the guys on this site are. I posted my gofundme after a drunk driver caused me to get into an accident as a last ditch effort to hopefully help my family get through this crappy time after being screwed by a company and not being able to walk for 8 months. Even if i made like a few hundred dollars would have helped. But i guess people are so salty and angry that they see someone post something to try and help his family and they instantly go into troll mode. I have gotten 6 private messages trying to threaten me and 2 people reported my gofundme as fraud. I know I have been in the business for only 3 years and everyone keeps saying about how toxic and bad the industry is now because of the employers and the fat cats in the corporations. But how about y'all think about how I posted something you could've just gone right past and not paid any mind but you guys had to take time out of your day and viciously attack someone just cause you can. Learn to calm down and not be so angry in a field you chose to be in.
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