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Re: Direct tv installer
I usually do not answer these. However, I know it's hard, if no one ever tells you how to have your own business. Are you set up as a business? Have your business license, contractor licenses if needed, insurances- workers comp, auto, etc., vehicles, business bank accounts etc? Once you are set up as a lidgitamate business you can apply directly with the companies as a sub contractor. Fill out the application and as long as you have all of the required information insurance certificates, background checks and sometimes bonds, you can get a contract. Just be aware that unless you have money saved and have enough to float your company it is a very difficult road. Most companies pay 45 to 120 days from the time you turn in your invoice which is after the work is complete. The larger the company the longer it takes to get paid. Most employees do not realize what is involved to run this kind of business. I just want you to be aware that you need to be able to float all expenses and payroll for several months before you receive any money. Also, be very careful on who you hire, your reputation for great work with no problems is very important on getting continual work. Good luck and I hope you do well. 
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