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Company: Worldwide optic solutions Occupation: Telecommunications contractor Location: Huntsville Alabama
Forewarned Huntsville AL Project
Do yourself a favor and stay away from this project if you are a subcontractor. It's hard enough to get paid from Bear with all the redtape theyput you through but worse is the attitudes of the Utility Dept. They talk to you like you aren't human and then lie on you. I can honestly say I went there and worked my tail off to help meet a deadline, worked til after dark even on sunday and they didn't appriciate a bit of it. They expect you to put 200ft storages at every roa crossing but will only pay strand foteage and the price already sucks. I could go on and on but I don't care who don't like me telling the truth about it. I'm sure that if anyone who dissagrees will be posting dishonesty so I am prepared for the backlash. There needs to be some accontability in this industry for subcontractors. If we all stand together united these unjusts could be minimized. But ununited we wil always be controlled by the primes and providers. If you call a handyman to repair something at your home you don't tell him what you will pay him, you ask him what he will charge. So why do we allow these companies to tel us what our worth is? 
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