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Re: what jdsu meter should i buy
As it's been said, it relies heavily on what platform is currently being used or called for. 
Stay away from the dsam 6000. Poor battery life and slow boot up / shut down make you want to chuck it at that barking pitbull chained to the base of the pole. The dsam 6300 addressed those issues,  well except for the dog, but you are still restricted to buying a software seat in order to save and print your data. 
If you really need to and are buying a meter just for what you described, get an updated purple cased sda5000 with the sweep, transmitter, and QAM options. It will allow you to troubleshoot noise and the software is easy to find free as a download.  Sure it's not the latest and greatest,  but it is a whole heck of a lot cheaper and is still being used in the field today.
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