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5/4/2017 9:22:21 AM
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SOP for installer modem install

Does anyone have a standard operating procedure or SOP for modem installs? We are currently at the start of offering internet. We are in place and have our employees beta testing. I am looking for something to insure our techs do everything the same way and have maybe a check list to go by. (We have one in place for STB) I do not know if I need to put modem on splitter at front or only if it warrants. Should we filter all outlets without a CPE? Should we check noise on all outlets or just if trouble is apparent?) How far do we need to go setting up the customers equipment? / CPE? We do not offer email but should we set up their gmail? (I say no) Is it still true that 80% of the speed is acceptable due to overhead? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Just looking for more ideas. What are your requirements that are met before you leave a house you just installed?


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