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Re: The Old Jerrold Electronics Construction Team
You got it...Gary Ogden Norristown in 1975, that is where I quit Jerrold after 10 years of service.  Broadway Maint Sucked but had ties to the Jerrold Corporate Office.  When I left, I took all my Clean Up prints to the customer, told him not to sign off on the job until all the clean Construction Items were completed.  Bob May was the tie in the office.  I met with you some years later in Denver when I was out there visting with TCi.  I retired around 2000 however went back in 2008-10 installing fiber in 36 truck stops across USA. My first fiber job was after I left Jerrold, in 1977 Topeka Ka, then a long haul from Pittsburgh to Baltimore in 1981, had my own company from 1976-1989, then ran OSP construction for Johnson Controls thru 1995 where we did massive fiber projects for college, auto, steel, correctional, health, education, municipal, state and federsl institutions.  Then 96-2000 started my company back up rebuilt Nashville Tn and a cable overbuild in Columbus Ohio for Ameritech.  2008-2010 fiber for wind farms, along gas/oil pipelines and installed fiber in some 36 truck stops across USA.  Today...pretty much done however recently I've got a company out of Columbus wants me to get them into the drone business for gas/oil-wind/solar trades.   Hell I'll be done when I to keep busy.  Hope your doing good, fiber is where it's at, last coax job I did was late 90's..been fiber every since.     You did a great job in Norristown so I'm sure you continued to provide your customers with quality services, just be safe in all you do.  Take care: If I can ever help you out, just e mail me: DBA: Micro Network Service Group  AKA: Microman
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