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Re: Working out of a camper
My partner and I had a 5th wheel when we where going to be long term at a project. It was not only cheaper but more comfortable and home like. To be able to sit out at night maybe build a fire drink a few beers was relaxing rather than sittiing in s 15' x 15' room If we went home for the week end we didn't have to pack up and move out and when returning no check in so it has its advantages. and if he wanted to go to bed he could go in his room and i could stay up. One thing about motels, i quit sharing rooms with other guys back in the early 90's. I'll pay more to be by myself in a room, I have a hard time dealing with other peoples manerism, snoring , slobs, sharing a bathroom and having to light a match when done etc. The only down side is being able to move it. You need a truck big enough to pull it,
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