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Re: Working out of a camper
I live right in the middle of the Utica Shale gas/oil region...all and I mean all of them have their own camper.  Some and the most preferred are the 5th wheel type, some have RV but most have the pull type with holding tank, LP tanks.  Because there are so many of them, the land owners are rapeing them with $650 month if they want to park with hook up to utilites.
RV's are a have to drive them, then when you get have no run around vehicle unless you tow one.    Try 8-9 miles per gallon.   I've a friend who is asking $6000 for his big RV, which is in great shape, full bed room, shower/tub/kitchen/couch/cap chairs/all self contained ready for the road....he wants a 5th wheel.
I'd say it's the way to go, if self contained, as MSO if you can park at the head end site or find a close by truck stop/walmart and such.
A cheap motel today is around $60 x 6 $360 week..sunday free !  You can save$18,000 a year...have your camper paid off in about a 1/2 year.
Good Luck...Get R Done:    MicroMan
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