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Re: Over equalizing - It's ok to over equalize.
It's OK to overequalize in moderation. If you are sweeping a cascade of 5 that splits 4 times to cascades of 4 each it's ok to put a 6 db eq where a 4 would go especially if the 6 still keeps you in spec. I am not saying put in a 12 where a 4 would be needed. But after slightly over equalizing ever amp feeding the node it does help the noise. especially on the low end when it gets to the hub. Sure you should clean up the noise, but I don't care who you are you are not going to get it all from 5-8 Mhz and if you do it's coming back I gaurentee. Slighty over eq'ing all the actives in the node keeps it flat and leaves more time to troubleshoot the noise where the data is.

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