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Re: Missile Boring Equipment
ither a sulair 185 cfm or sullivan 185 cfm  those are the best 2 for compressors,  ingersoll is a pretty decent brand as well,  the airmans are ok......anything with that john deere motor in it  in my opinion is gonna be best,  the new hammerheads are pretty good missiles, they can be takin arpart in the field if need to be,  grundamat is an alright brand just dont get the one where the head pops n and out,   personally my favorite is the one made by footage tool inc. its a canadain brand  but also pretty too, your 2 and 3 inch are gunna be the easiest to work with  unless your a big guy and can throw that 4 incher around like a 400lb whore,   
 also best to mount the compressor onto a flatbed to avoid putting a tag on it, as well as makes it easier to pull a cable reel behind a flat bed with a compressor on it always saves a trip
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