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3/17/2017 5:07:26 PM
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Re: Over equalizing - NEVER EVER EQ RETURN NOISE!
Hi John! Long time, no talk to. Are you still in the States or are you back in Bermuda again?

Yep, I am still around and living in Tennessee. The years just seem to be going by faster and faster as I get older. The memories of Southern California back in the early 80's and Hurricane Katrina almost 12-years ago seem as if it were just yesterday in some respects. It must be all the stray RF through the years that has bombarded by brain cells in this madness called "Cable TV"!

Anyways keep in touch. Not sure if you still have the same cellular I had from many years ago (if I still have it). Send me a PM with your contact info and we can do some catching up!


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