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I brought this question up once before, but had to put it on hold because of a death with the person I was dealing with, So now i have a new contact and the ball is back in my court.
      I do alot of side work for a litlle MA & PA cable outfit. I have upgraded their system over the last 10 years with fiber, new actives, passives and nodes. They where approached by one of the communities they service to provide Internet service. At present they do not have it because it is not feasible to justify based on their subscriber count, which is around 800. The community that wants it is willing to pay to get the services, they had an offer from Frontier Phone for around $100,000 , I told them we could beat that offer because we have everything in place. The problem is now how do i find an internet provider??? Can i try comcast, which is a mile away? I don't think Verizon has enough data to carry it. Any help in what direction to take would be appreciated , Thanks
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