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2/21/2017 5:43:07 PM
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Re: P.O Number
LMAO BALL BAT WAY LMAO. Mr Louisville slugger ball bat always gets there attention fast. Been there couple times got there attention fast got my money fast. Its funny how that works they didnt have my money before then they meet Mr. Louisville slugger all of a sudden they got money fast.

Correct i will be #1 or number #2 #3 or so furth as this primie has several sub contractors and ill be another one unless he is getting rid of one whitch i think he is. This is why he told me i need to get on my own. I do not want to be a primie until my rich uncle gets out of the poor house. I rather be a sub in line with all others.

I think when i do this and do a PO i think ill do it for x number of jobs at x number of feet for x $'s as he knows what i can do as he has seen all my work. There is 2 neighborhood's that the Homeowners Association they do not want no one but me in there doing work. I do the telephone and Time Warner. These 2 neighborhoods are multi million dollar houses got there own nanny's per child and dog a chef bcouple have a helo pad in back yard. There yards are thousands of dollars in manicured yards. I go in no matter if it is a multi billion dollar neighborhood or the hood. I do it the same way no matter what as if it is my home.

Thanks in advance
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