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Re: P.O Number
Your not going on your own..your still sub contracting from the Prime Contractor, only now your become the #1 sub instead of subbing from the #1 making you the #2 sub.   On you own is when the Prime is kicked out and you become the PRIME.   Your still not going to be paid prime rates,,,, a sub is a sub no matter how you look at it.  So don't get to excited...

If your determined...go to the customer, the one that ownes the system, get a contract from them..then you will no longer be a sub...your be the prime.  Be prepared to wait 30-45-60-90 days to get paid, get full insurance coverage, get a line of credit at your bank to cover your labor wages, vehicle, equipment, tool misc expense until "They" pay you !  

A PO is just a way of managing portions of a's like a work order.   All work done under that PO must be invoiced under that PO #, once you invoice for the total amount of the invoice...your done until you get another PO.  All other terms are per legal contract.  Read it carefull, know all about back charges, clean up, scoope of work, work area's that the PO is for.

It's all good...until your 90 days waiting on a pay check and your men are sitting there in the warehouse looking at you for all the answers. 

Good Luck with it, I wish you the best....being a Prime Contractor is not all about just gotta have some management skills, a good accountant and lawyer.  If all else fails in getting paid....try the ball bat way, it usually get their attention.


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