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2/21/2017 10:06:18 AM
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Re: P.O Number
We will have a work order and contract before we do any work. We are looking at all options we need before we jump into this on our own. We have been working for a contractor and have a chance to go on our own. I have 15 years in plow / bore experience on a 6510 and 410 D/W and my partner has 7 years.

Just looking at the paper work we need to learn and do and get. We have a quote on work comp and general liability. We have a chance to go with a primie as he told us why work for a sub when we are damn good enough for our own. The primie said he will give us all the work instead of the sub who we work for.

We are wanting to make sure we understand the office part such as the PO number as we have our attorney ( family ) to draw up the contract.

Thanks in advance    
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