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2/20/2017 9:55:15 PM
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Re: The Old Jerrold Electronics Construction Team
John..I remember you..wasn't you on the Norristown PA job with me, then you went on to work out of Denver. Norristown was my last supervisor job where I quit at the end of the job because of the contractor that Bob Mai sent in to do the construction...Broadway Maintenance.  They wasn't worth a F.... so when I left I took my clean up prints to the customer and told him not to accept until everything was done.  This was also where I was sent a warehouseman out of the Horsham office who I later fired only to find out he was related to Bob Mai, that also didn't go over to good.   So when I left I went back to Indiana and was hired as 3 state regional for Telesis only to be there a year when they sent me to build Topeka Ka, where I stayed a year and then started my own business:  Micro Network Service Group until I retired.  Your so right...all good men, very knowledgeable, loved their work and took pride in what they did.  Hope your hanging in there, just be x safe, enjoy your days as these golden years ain't so I'm not a rocking chair type of guy !!
Good hearing from you:  MicroMan
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