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Re: The Old Jerrold Electronics Construction Team

My goodness Gary, you mentioned names I haven't seen or thought about in years.

I was on the technical end and remember folks like Jon Ridley, John Yanick, Earl Wright, Dick Snyder, Bernie Hemphill, Bobby Stringfield, Russ Fidler, Chuck Connors, Peter Biondolillo and Joe Brannon. One of the things I remember was activating the system in Mt Ephram, NJ where Bob Mai lived. When the walkout person found out where Bob lived, he put a zero house count next to the pole that fed Bob's house.When Bob saw me, was he pissed. No tap was designed nor spliced in at that location. And those of you who knew Bob in those days, know he didn't munch words when he spoke his mind. So I won't type what he said to me. Took all I had not to laugh which I felt would have sent him over the edge.

Speaking of Bobby Payne, isn't he the same Bobby who did Akron, Ohio, Sioux Falls, South Dakota and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania?

Those good old days are gone forever. We worked hard and we partied hard. Talk about the brotherhood.

And I will never forget the bronco rider,  Lloyd Huggins. I remember Bill Ross in Long Branch, NJ. I wanted to open a checking account at the Long Branch Branch of the Red Bank Bank.

John Dawson

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