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1/24/2017 6:52:19 AM
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Re: Over equalizing - NEVER EVER EQ RETURN NOISE!
Awsome response Greg. I certainally am not the origionater of this idea, just passing it along. I couldn't have gotten a better response. Times have changed so rapidally in the industry and to be fair so rapidally that to example, modify a system by utilizing the unused portion of the fwd frequency that is not used when you go all digital would be very expensive and very time consuming that these alternative theories are created. Unfortunately a good foundation of the basics of equipment performance and how it interacts with different ideas and theories is being replaced with quick fixes and compartmentalized understanding of the cable plant . I see what was once a whole picture of the cabe plant and how different components interact and effect each other reduced to computer programs and tools that do the thinking for the techs. I am in no way belittling these techs as most do a good job with all these new tools but i do see that it dosen't really help them comprehend what's going on in the big picture!
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