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Re: Cable the same as back in the 60's
I only go back to the mid 70s, pressure taps, ameco in a can with little fans to keep them cool, took the tubes down to the local drug store to test them, 12 channel 3db tilt, inhouse we did it all , build it, splice, maintain it, install it, nobody was to good to get there hands dirty. Didn't know what a bucket truck was, evrybody hooked. We took pride in our work. Started iin the industry a@ $2.85 hr lol, went to get a loan and the bank told me i was below poverty level, told my manager along with the denial from the bank, and the next day was making $5.50 hr wow, this was after 4 years in the service and 4 years of colllege with a BS degree. The industry was wide open for advancement and i took advantage of it, if you applied yourself and worked hard you could go places. I'm fortunate my knees never gave out over 40 years, but I'm done now, i have mixed feelings on my career , it was good money, but being away from home hurt, missed alot of my kids younger years which you can never get back, but still gave them a good life. Have a good wife who when I was away raised them with good morals and disicpline.She sometimes said i had more quality time with them when i was home then she did, because i spent all my time with them playing ball, sleding, building forts etc, So heres to all you young bucks, work hard don't expect anything for hard work but your pay, don't whine dig in and do it, take care of your family first, treat others as you want to be treated,
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