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Cable the same as back in the 60's
Back in the 60's when I started as a lineman...no span measured prints, prints were a 1"-200' scaled, we ran 4 man crews paid by the hour..A foreman, grunt and 2 linemen, strand was installed with brace/bits..we averaged 4500ft every day off hooks working out of rented u haul PUs, Cable was place with just one block at the pole, we pulled it out with a throw rope hooked to end of cable and ran 4500ft day, no jig on the strand, used lay up stick to place in the pole blocks, no hard hats, no safety cones, no first aid kits, no tree trimming, ..pure work pulling guys as we went behind a 2 man "Bust Anchor" crew....screw anchors did not show up until around 1967.
Splice in Tube type Tin can amps placed on double xarms, you spliced in the Tube Hubs and the terminator only.  House customers were fed from a pressure tap mid span.  What I'm saying is that nothing has changed in cable except the construction methods of getting signal from point a to z, the end result was that the signal got to the end user, just like today.  The tech method of transporting that signal  over coax or fiber has changed, but it's still up to the lineman/splice/tech to get a quality signal to the end user.
Use to be CATV...Then BROADBAND w/nodes..Then FIBER to home...Then Wireless....What's Next.

Loved those good ole days....real lineman..no buckets or B/S MSO politics

MicroMan  ..Stay Safe
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