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The Old Jerrold Electronics Construction Team
Founded 1950 Jerrold Electronics Corp..owned by X-PA Gov Milton Jerrold Shapp, eventually sold to General Instruments and later merged with Motorola.
Now retired, I worked for the Jerrold Construction Division 1965-1975 as a construction supervisor, just wondering if any of the old Suprv/Engineers/Tech were still in the trade.  These men were the CATV pioneers that made it happen in the field, no matter how it was designed. During Jerrold's early days from 1950-1990...2/3's of the systems we built in the USA utilized Jerrold Equipment. In the 50's it cost a subscriber $135 bucks for the install and $3.75 a month..of course you were lucky to have 12 channel system, in late 70's/early 80's Prime TV stations were still going off the air at midnight, so CATV 24/7 changed the way people got their news and entertainment.  Anyway here is a partial listing of some of my team mates, the old timers (too many years to remember them all): Ken Simmons, Hank Lockhard , Kip Fletcher, Dick Wakefield, Charlie Hodges, Dick Behr, Walt Donehew, Gander Pace, Claude Grisham, Bill Foster, Joe Daus, Gary Ogden, Matt Rowzee, Dick Reynods, Lloyd Huggins, Gene Gillmore, Dale Georges, Dave Kelly, Fred Hess, Jackie Gossett, John Dennis, Bill Travis, Bobby Payne, Bob May, Tom Polis, Bob Gibson, Butch Tuttle, Bob Blakeman, Ray Graff, Bernie Hemfield, Artie Brill, Pete Pappas, Terry Johnson, Phil Lacy, Roger Bloom, Ernie Souce, John Ridley, Dick Cavel,  Karl Daus, Dick Snyder, Wally Hooks, Sunny Ripley, Al Starr...We even had John Malone filtering through the Corporate Ladder, who went on to lead TCI Cable.

So if you know any of them..send my regards: 
Gary Ogden DBA: Micro Network Svc Grp  AKA: Microman  ogdenmicro@aol.com     Stay Safe !!
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