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UG Worker dead from collapsed Trench
Carlos Moncayo, just 22 yrs of age, died when unsupported trench at a Manhattan Contruction site, collapsed and killed him...burying him alive, on the same day that a OSHA inspector warned the sub contractor (Sky) and the general contrator (Harco) that the trench was not safe.
Sub Contractor (Sky) Foreman of the crew, William Cueva 51 yrs of age was given 1-3 years in State Pen for endangering the life of the workers.
General Contractor (Harco) was found guilty of manslaughter but says that (Sky) the sub contractor is responsible for the accident and created the hazardous work conditions.  (Harco)  is presently appealing the court decision...due back in court Jan of 2017 for final sentence and/or fine.
Owner of Sky, the sub contractor is due in court also in Jan for sentence and/or fine.

Listen Up:
Workers-Operators-Foreman-General Foreman-Suprv-Proj Mgr-Regional Mgr-OWNER.

 Do not put production and job site work sch'd ahead of on site safety.   There is no job work task that is as important as having your workers heading home to their families at the end of the day.   Carlos was never given that opportunity.

Prayers for the Moncayo Family and the lost of their son.............MicroMan
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