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Goggle Fiber Work--Be Ware !
You better be ware of working for such companies like Goggle Fiber Build Outs.  Recently Goggle Fiber CEO Craig barratt has said he is leaving.   Mega Companies like this can change their minds, on day your get a call to "Shut it Down"...I had 11 project going across the nation back in mid 90's, got a call....shut it down, retrieve all your tools and equipment, inventory material in the warehouse....Your DONE !   They sold out to AT&T, it took me 3 years to recover from this, but a lesson learnt..never put all your eggs in one basket...expecialy a mega basket like Goggle.

Your get no notice or intent to slow down or stop work...it will be just.....Shut it Down...Your Screwed trying to rush around and find work for your crews and equipment, and some times taking on jobs at a lower rate...just to keep crews working until you get back on your feet.

I've seen it with TCI, Adelphia Fiber, Ameritech...they all had big dreams....at your expense.

Good luck..keep safe:  Microman
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