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Re: HMmmmm.....
I always said it will eventually get down to 4-6 national companies...then they sell out, like back in the days of TCI and ATT.   Your have Comcast in NE,   Cox in the South,   Charter in Midstates and another on West Coast.

Then..just like ATT and Ameritech found out....owning a cable system ain't what they thought it was.

When I broke into the business back in old time lineman (climbed poles in penny loafers) once said, one of these days that the power company will own it all.  Now I doubt that, but do think that all these cable systems will end up with other owners.  

Google will be the same...they don't want to be messing with individual customers, google will soon pull up stakes and quit the overbuilds.  Just Not enough bang for all the trouble.

Cable is a monster of it's own and the only ones who can tame the beast is old timers like us !!

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