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1099 Contractor - Tax Deductions?
Hey guys,
Have a question for you all.  What deductions do you 1099 Satellite Technicians take come tax time?
I've worked as a 1099 contractor last year for a short period of time but workload was so small that I had to move on and the amount of work I did take was minimal enough to absorb in the standard deduction.  This year I've had enough work that I am keeping track of my income-expenses closely in the event that my itemized deductions would exceed the standard deduction.  So I'm interested in knowning what you guys claim on taxes.

I use my own vehicle, and keeping 2 seperate running totals of standard mileage and actual mileage expenses.  I know tools have depreciation value and are just over a year old? Any and all thoughts will be appreciated!! 
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