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Re: How do you become a contractor for Time Warner
Why TWC...this is not a good time to be starting a company, not much going on with need to Re-Direct your interest in Fiber Optic Construction/splicing.  TWC like most MSO's are broken down in region's, so just find the region you want to work in, start by calling on the engineering division of that region.  
Listen Up....this business is all "Who you know"...if you don't have a connection with some system engineer/ won't get very far.  
Just find yourself a good reputable prime contractor and work for them. If your small contractor your get your payments faster than waiting 30-45-60-90 days from a MSO.
Do quality work the first time around and most of all.....Be Safe In All You Do !!!

MicroMan...Retired after 50 years OSP Construction of Coax-Fiber-Copper Networking systems.  Started in Cable TV 1965...not much has changed in actual construction methods.
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