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Re: Motorola Levels
The cascade doesn't mean a whole lot as you need to balance based on your inputs and the gain of the amplifier. Some are 34 db gain and some are 38 db. MB usually have 34 so I would pad your input to 12 db and that should get you to 46 out. BUT that is using channel 135. or around 870mhz. 870 is usually a 12 db tilt so at 70 you should be at an 8 db tilt or so I would pad to 16db at 70 and 44 would be acceptable output. Crank the man gain all the way up and back off 3 db and leave it there. then pad the interstage to get the right outputs.of 44/36. this is the 34 db gain amps. if you have 38db amps you should pad to 20 in and 44 out. that will get you the best results and make it easy to monitor and set up in the future. hope this helps
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