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Re: Motorola Levels
Thanks Joe,
Both systems are 60 channel analog, our downstreams are in the fm band.., we have the 4 local channels in HD on individual qams in the 70's.

System #1 
the legs are all over the place, I have reduced and split it, but one leg has 1 mb and 7 LE's, another leg has 13 mb, with 2 LE.... that same one is split at mb 10 and goes the other way to a mish mash of mb and LE's to a count of 16...  cable types.. you name it including 440mc2 with feed through's...  Slowly cleaning and rebuilding and adding fiber.  Low income area .. Also removing 550mhz mb's, and old random 750's. even a couple of seicor out there.  I would have to look at each leg individually.

System #2
This one is clean, Node, trunk and feeder, 1.25" mc2 trunk, at most 6 mb deep maybe a side LE on a feeder.
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